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About Us

Eltaller’s team is creative and multidisciplinary.  It is composed by writers, communicators, psychologists, anthropologists, architects, art therapists, dance therapists, economists and designers among others.

We  offer creative workshops and classes  for children, adolescents and adults. We use beautiful graphic material and our products can be provided in English and Spanish.

Illustrations by Monica Rivas

El equipo de Eltaller es creativo y multidisciplinario, está  integrado por literatos, comunicadores, psicólogos, antropólogos, arquitectos, artistas, arte-terapeutas, danza-terapeutas, economistas y diseñadores, entre otros.

Ofrecemos talleres  y clases  para niños, adolescentes y adultos. 


Eltaller Workshops & Events


82 Balls Pond Rd.

N1 4AJ

London, Uk

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