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What people say about DCG ( Dalston Conversation Group) in Spanish

May 29, 2013


The new group will Start on the 5th of June at 7:30 pm.

” I highly recommend Maria Paula’s series of conversation classes. The work she puts into preparing makes for interesting and fun meetings in an informal setting, where we learn a lot from her and each other.”

Hasta luego.

By Jane

Bio: Jane is a New Yorker who has been studying Spanish for many years honouring her past connexions with Puerto Rico. She has joined us for two sets of conversations. The first one based on Granta’s list of 20 best of young Spanish-Language novelists and the second one based on current affairs.

” I can read books and watch dvd’s at home but it is also necessary to speak Spanish. The groups are fun and stimulating and are especially useful for people, like myself, who have become rusty.
Puedo leer libros y mirar la peli a casa pero tambien es muy importante que hable espanol. Los grupos son divertidos y estimulantes; son muy utiles por los, como yo, que tengan que practicar o olvidar.
Mis disculpos por la falta de acentos; no puedo recordar como utilisarlos en el ordenador.

Hasta Junio

By  Nigel

Bio: Nigel spent some time living in Spain, he has joined us for two sets of conversations.

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